The Faculty of the Social Sciences is the oldest Faculty of the Social Sciences in Nigeria. The Faculty started with the inception of the University with the Department of Economics, Political Science, Religion and Sociology and Anthropology. Other Departments included to the Faculty were Geography in 1961, Psychology in 1964, Philosophy in 1974, Local Government and Public Administration in 1979 and Social Work in 2001.

Seven Departments (Economics, Political Science, Geography, Psychology, Philosophy, Local Government and Public Administration and Social Work) in the Faculty of the Social Sciences run the Bachelor of Sciences (B. Sc.), single honours degree progammes in addition to Master of Science (M.Sc.), Master of Public Administration (D.P.A). While Department of Religion and Philosophy run the Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) single honours degree progamme, as well as the Master of Arts (M. A.) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) progamme.

The Faculty also offers Combined Honours Bachelor of Science degree progammes in the following pairs of subjects:




Economics/Political Science

Economics/Sociology and Anthropology

Political Science /Geography

Political Science /Geography

Political Science /Geography

Political Science /Geography

Political Science / Philosophy

Political Science / psychology

Political Science /Religion and Cultural Studies

Political Science / Sociology and Anthropology


Philosophy/ Religion and Cultural Studies

Philosophy/ Sociology and Anthropology

Psychology/ sociology and anthropology

Psychology/ Religion and Cultural Studies

Religion and Cultural Studies/ Sociology and Anthropology

Each candidate admitted for a combine honours degree programme is required to stress one area of combination. The first course mentioned in each combination is both the stress area and the base Department of the candidate. The admission requirements are as contained in the appropriate sections.

Prof. I. A. Madu