The Faculty of the Social Sciences, University of Nigeria is a very large faculty comprising nine departments with over 5,000 students and 250 academic staff. Apart from the numerical strength, the faculty has been playing a leading role not only in the university but in the country and the global academic community as whole. It is therefore not surprising that the faculty has over the years, produced a number of world renowned academics and professors. My administration which started in August 2014 has not only maintained the standard set by my predecessors but has tried to improve on it. During my administration, the image and visibility of the faculty have improved significantly through a number of academic activities and community services. For instance, the Faculty was able to bring His Excellency , Uriel Palti, the Israeli ambassador to Nigeria to the university to present a public lecture titled “Common Challenges of Israel and Nigeria’’ This created an immense opportunity for the linkages between the University and the State of Israel which the university is currently benefiting from. Secondly and in line with the university’s emphasis on cutting edge research, many research groups were formed in the faculty and are currently engaged in various inter disciplinary research. Recently, the faculty organized an International Conference on Harnessing Diversity for Sustainable Development which was not only a land mark achievement but also brought the university to limelight. In fact, in a welcome address by the Vice Chancellor at the conference, he observed that it is not an over statement to say that the Faculty of the Social Sciences has continued to provide a very strong and robust support to the University administration in diverse ways. Within my tenure also, two departments, namely; Economics and Geography organized ‘home coming’ which brought their graduates together not only to remember the sweet memories of their alma Mata but also to pull their resources together for the development of the departments .This brought significant improvements in the departments. There were other academic activities by various departments in Faculty within the period. The faculty is therefore living up to the expectation thanks to the caliber of staff that we have. You will therefore not regret associating with the Faculty.

Prof Ignatius A Madu